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Partners from 6 countries - Spain („Aranzadi Society of Sciences”), Denmark („Professionshøjskolen VIA University College”), Ireland („Sustainable Ireland Cooperative Society Ltd.”), Italy („Municipality of Olginate”), Latvia (“Children’s Environmental School”) and United Kingdom (“Field Studies Council”) are engaged in the project “Schools for resilience: linking schools with local communities' sustainability” with is supported by EU Life-long Learning Program.

The aim of the project is to promote cooperation between schools and local communities to advance sustainable development - to engage students in solving local problems, to develop students’ activity, innovation and entrepreneur skills. During the project teaching materials for using local environment and community as learning environment will be developed.

Project coordinator: Rosa Martinez, Mikel Edeso (Spain), national coordinator Elita Lavrinovica.

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Project supported by: EU Life-long Learning Program

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Participating countries: Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, United Kingdom