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Society Integration Foundation has awarded funding to the project „Children’s Environmental School’s Contribution to Accessibility of Environmental Education”. The owerall goal of this long term action plan is to promote a sustainable society in Latvia, increasing everybody's competences for sustainable development, thereby enhancing public participation in environmental decision-making

Different activities were organized to promote GLOBE program: workshops for teachers about atmosphere, phenology, aerosols and land cover investigations took place in the Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences of University of Latvia. GLOBE teachers informed collegues about GLOBE program oportunities for schools in the framework of workshops for Environmental education coordinators organized by National Centre for Education. Teacher Anda Freimanepresented the GLOBE project methodology to the participants of Environmental Educators Annual Conference. Two GLOBE Program Festivals were organized in Ramuli Primary School and Mazzalve Primary School as well as summer Learning Expedition in Salacgriva.

With the experience exchange afternoon on December 2014 the Camp program activities has started. The program coordinator Kaspars Berzins and experienced camp manager Dace Leja shared their knowledge and experience.The further development of the program continued year 2014 - the team building and developement, the fundraising activities and staff training, and finally 2 environmental education camps were organized. The new camp leader - Kristiana Grike was educated.

The voluntiers program developped actively - different activities, including environmental education workshop during the 11th Youth Song and Dance Festival in Riga were organized.

The cooperation with the public bodies and other NGOs was started and continued succesfully. Representatives of Children’s Environmental School participated in the Environmental Educators Annual Conferences, are members of the advisory board of Environmental Protection Fundation and expert board for environmental education of National Centre for Education. The cooperation with Environmental Protection Board was established about implementation of the Public Monitoring program. 

CES website was improved to make it available to people with learning disabilities, the English version of the website was prepared.

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The capacity building of organization members and voluntiers is an important part of the project - members of Children's Environmental School  met on their Annual General Meeting and workshop on December 2013 and discussed use of social media in communication, current issues of environmental education and ideas for fundraising. The camp staff training was organized July 2014. The workshop about environmental education projects was organized December 2014 for most active youth program participants.The next Annual General Meeting was organized at the National Botanical Garden 19th December 2015. The results of the project were presented and outdoor learning activities organized.

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Project is financed by Iceland, Lichtenshtein, Norway. Total grant EUR 30093.

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